Wedding Photographer and Videographer

Wedding Photographer and Videographer

And they lived happily ever after

Congratulations! How exciting that you’re getting married! Now, you might be wondering, what can I expect from a wedding photographer and videographer?

My photography is all about storytelling. The stories between people, places, and the details of the day. Documentary wedding photography is about capturing moments in a way that creates timeless and precious memories that happen naturally, without the photographer’s direction or intervention. I’m happiest when my photos portray the story of the day in a natural and honest way.

I photograph weddings in a creative, documentary style, creating a story of the events happening around me. I capture both the small details and the big moments, all in the same relaxed manner. I won’t get in your way or tell you what to do (unless you’d like that). Whether you have a Dutch wedding or are getting married somewhere in the world, I would love to hear from you!

I’ve shot in nearly every imaginable type of location. From traditional churches to industrial warehouses, I’ve been fortunate to photograph in so many different environments, and I feel just as comfortable in an urban setting as I do in a picturesque castle. I photograph in a natural, documentary style, capturing moments as they unfold before my eyes. No poses, no setups, just real moments that become memories that last a lifetime.

We edit our photos and videos, as you can see in our portfolio, in a somewhat dreamy, bohemian style that brings out calm, warm, summery colors. I absolutely love these warm tones that make every day feel like a summer day. With other photographers, you often see somewhat harsher colors. This is truly one of the biggest distinguishing factors when choosing me. The photos I take and edit all have a dreamy “glow” that really highlights the romance of the day.

As an extra, my fianc√© always accompanies me. He shoots the videos and edits them as an after-movie in the same bohemian style as my photos. It’s not a replacement for a videographer who captures the entire day, but it’s a fantastic extra we provide to have the highlights of your day in video format.

In addition to weddings in Ireland, I also photograph weddings abroad. I have gained a lot of experience in various beautiful locations such as Dubai, Mallorca, Ibiza, Italia, Austria, and Belgium. This means I can capture your dream wedding in any desired location! The good news is that the price for my services remains the same as for weddings in Ireland. Only the travel costs are added.

Weddings abroad often have an extra magical touch because you often marry in a special location with a stunning view. I love capturing this and incorporating the atmosphere of the surroundings into the photos. It’s also fun to discover and capture the different cultural aspects. I’m always excited to explore new locations and share my experiences with you.

As a wedding photographer abroad, I understand better than anyone the importance of good communication. We will extensively discuss your wishes and everything that is needed to capture your dream wedding. I will also advise you on any permits required for shooting in certain locations. This way, we ensure together that you have an unforgettable day and that these moments are forever captured in beautiful photos.

In short, whether you choose a wedding in Ireland or abroad, I’m ready to capture your story in a natural and creative way. I will do everything to ensure that your day is captured the way you want it to be and that the memories will last forever. Please feel free to contact me for more information or to discuss your plans.

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact me.

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What other people say

Daan & Carlijn
WOW, what beautiful photos and what a hardworking couple Charlotte and Collin are. They think along with us, provide the right advice, and listen to all our wishes. I can't imagine a better photographer to capture our wedding day!

Daan & Carlijn
Robin & Carlijn
So thrilled with the photos from Shotsbycharlotte! We had an amazing wedding day, partly thanks to the cozy and relaxed atmosphere during the photoshoot. We still look back on our day with a smile, thanks to the beautiful photos and the amazing video!

Robin & Carlijn
Robin & Lotte
We are incredibly happy with the beautiful results of the photos and video from our wedding! It's great to see how professionally and yet relaxed Collin and Charlotte work. Because they are completely themselves and friendly, they make you feel comfortable right away, allowing them to capture beautiful moments of you and your guests. They are flexible and great in communication.

Robin & Lotte