Newborn shoot

Newborn Photoshoot

For all the things my hands have held the best by far is you.

Newborn shoot
This is for you…

If you’re expecting a baby soon or your newborn has just come into this world and are looking for a photographer in Dubai to beautifully capture this sweet new life,

If you’re in search of a photographer and videographer in Dubai with a unique style,

What set us apart from the rest is that you will also get a short video clip in instagram reel format if you book us. Check out our youtube channel for examples.

If you’re seeking unique moments and memories that we capture during the day,

If you’ve been in front of the camera many times or never before, it doesn’t matter to us – we will make you feel comfortable and make you and your newborn shine,

If you’re not sure what you want yet, or if you already know exactly what you want, everything is open for discussion and we love to hear your suggestions

Click here to schedule a free online introductory meeting, or contact us through the contact form.

Check out our Instagram page for the most recent photo’s and to get an idea of our style.

Newborn Shoot

We are Charlotte and Collin, a passionate duo of photographers and videographers with a deep love for capturing new life and the precious moments it brings. Our journey in the world of photography and videography began with capturing the love between couples on their wedding day, but we were quickly enchanted by a new and meaningful chapter: the arrival of a new family member.

Our Passion for Newborn Photography and Videography

The birth of a baby is a moment of joy, tenderness, and wonder. As experienced photographers and videographers, we understand the unique nature of this event and have dedicated ourselves to capturing the magical moments of the first days of new life. Our approach to newborn photography and videography is based on respect for the baby’s vulnerability and nurturing the bond between parent and child.
Feel free to explore our portfolio. It currently contains more wedding photos than newborn shoots, but it provides a good sense of our style.

Please schedule a free online meeting to discuss your expectations for the photo shoot and to see if there’s a good connection between us. You can schedule a meeting here.. It’s free and you’re not committing to anything during the meeting.

Charlotte’s Expertise in Newborn Photography

Charlotte has a special affinity for capturing the soft and dreamy beauty of newborn babies. Her bohemian and artistic style results in enchanting photos that reflect the tenderness and innocence of the baby. She creates a calm and relaxed atmosphere during the shoot, making both the baby and parents feel at ease.

Collin’s Skills in Newborn Videography

Collin is a master at capturing moving images that tell the story of your newborn baby. His videography skills capture the first smile, gentle touches, and loving moments between parents and baby. With an eye for detail and emotion, Collin edits these videos into a touching short movie that preserves the tenderness of the moment, which you can easily post on Instagram.

Why a Newborn Photoshoot in Matters

Newborn photography and videography are invaluable because they provide the opportunity to capture and preserve the first moments of your baby’s life. These images and videos become precious memories of the first days, weeks, and months of new life. They capture the innocence, growth, and love that characterize this special time.

Our Dedication to Your New Family

We understand that the arrival of a baby is an emotional and extraordinary moment. As your newborn photographers and videographers, we are ready to share and capture this time with you. Our goal is to tell your story, capture the love, and ensure that every moment is immortalized. Together, we create images and videos that you can cherish and share with loved ones.

What Sets Shots by Charlotte Apart

What sets us apart from other photographers is that we don’t limit the number of photos. You will receive all edited photos that are of sufficient quality. If we take 200 photos in your session and 60 of them turn out beautifully, you will receive all 60. If 45 are good, you will receive 45. So, you will receive all the beautiful photos without restrictions and without additional charges.
And what would Shots by Charlotte be without videos? Collin and Charlotte naturally work together on all shoots, and the Newborn Shoot is no exception. In addition to all the beautiful photos, you will also receive a stunning video in Instagram Reel format. Depending on the footage, this video will be between 30 seconds and 90 seconds long.

We also bring special photography pillows for your little one’s comfort.

The price for all of this? Because we are in the phase where we want to expand our expertise and include your shoot in our portfolio, we offer this service for 750 aed. A great price for a beautiful result!

Our Post-Processing Style for the Newborn Shoot

After the Newborn Shoot, we will carefully edit and retouch the images to ensure they look their best. This process may include color correction, enhancing details, and softening skin tones. The goal is to create a collection of photos and videos that reflect the beauty and emotion of your baby. Our style is very bohemian/dreamy, as you can see in our portfolio. However, we can also edit in a style that you find beautiful, but bohemian/dreamy is our core style.

. Besides our portfolio, you may also check out our Instagram page for our most recent work.

Contact Us

If you are looking for experienced professionals to capture the magic of the first days of your baby, we invite you to contact us. At Shots by Charlotte & Collin, we strive to capture your new life with love and respect. Let’s work together to make your newborn shoots unforgettable, both in beautiful photos and moving memories. Contact us now to tell your unique story.Click here to schedule a free online introductory conversation, or contact us through the contact form.
With love and dedication,

Charlotte & Collin

Newborn shoot
Newborn shoot
Newborn shoot


What other people say

Victor & Saranda
Had a pregnancy photoshoot with Charlotte and Collin, such a lovely couple, wonderful people to work with, and what beautiful photos! Extremely happy with them! Charlotte and Collin make you feel comfortable right away, making everything go smoothly. It was a super fun experience, and we can't wait for the next shoot with Shots by Charlotte!

Victor & Saranda